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Sage Vets is at the forefront of new innovation in vet-client relationships, work-life balance, intelligent workplace design and patient care.  Everything we do is geared towards happy clients, happy pets and happy vets: a perfect triangle of interrelated support.  Our vision is to create a workplace that people love coming to - staff and clients alike - one that fosters growth, communication and enjoyment.

We are a unique and interesting workplace.  We are a huge family of seven clinics in Perth’s southern suburbs, with each satellite clinic operating as an independent medical facility, which then funnels surgical procedures into a large, well-equipped central surgical facility shared by all. This fosters an incredible collaborative environment of shared learning and support, where you can perform everything from cruciate surgery to echocardiography with the support of an amazing, well-trained team.

If you are a dynamic, flexible, team-focused and idealistic Veterinarian interested in making a positive difference to the lives of people and animals, please don't hesitate to contact our offices for more information.  

Phone: (08)6166 6329



We are frequently looking to add fun, compassionate, client-focused individuals to our huge family of dedicated, well-trained nurses.  

While we happily employ qualified Vet Nurses when we can, we are also one of only a few companies in W.A. to offer traineeships, where a nurse can complete a Vet Nursing Certificate 4 while working full time, which is a great option financially and gives the nurse the opportunity to learn a huge range of skills in customer service and animal care while on-the-job.

If you are interested in joining our team, please don't hesitate to contact our offices.

Phone: (08)6166 6329