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Have a new pet?

welcoming home a new family pet

Welcoming a new pet into your family can be both exciting and a little scary for you and your new family member!  Ensuring your new pet remains happy and healthy is of vital importance during this transition, and we encourage all new pet owners to visit the clinic regularly to have their pets checked over and build a happy, trusting relationship with our vets and nurses. We can examine your new fur baby thoroughly and will often be able to notice any ailments before they become a concern.

We can also provide great, practical advice about the best ways to make your pet feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings and any distress signs that you should be looking for.  We have loads of information on all the things new pet owners should know - from diet and nutrition to the ins-and-outs                                                                                                                  of pet insurance - and are always happy to answer any questions                                                                                                                  you might have.

Year One provides complete care for your newest family member!


From the moment you bring home your new kitten or puppy, they look to you to keep them safe and healthy. After all, their first year is the most important formative period of their life: you can expect them to spend their time exploring your home, meeting new people, and learning everything then need to know to become a fully-functioning adult. There's a lot of growing to do in this time, so you want to make sure they're looked after. 

Our comprehensive care package for new kittens and puppies takes care of your little one for their entire first year, during their most important period of development and growth, to make sure they grow up safe and healthy. All their worming supplies, flea prevention, vaccinations, and sterilisation is taken care of in one practical schedule, at any of our safe, friendly clinics, under the care of fully-trained professionals.

Year One is a convenient, affordable way to help keep your newest family member safe and healthy.