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Puppy Training in Winthrop

puppy classes in winthrop

There is an endless list of benefits of early puppy training and socialisation.

Puppy training  ensures your puppy will have the best opportunity to grow into a happy, healthy and well behaved companion.  At puppy school, interaction skills are developed in a new environment, which have been proven to play a critical role in the psychological health of adult dogs. 

Your puppy will be so excited that they are able to play and socialise with other puppies,  there will be loads to see and smell and they will also learn basic training commands.  We will provide you with the knowledge necessary for raising a happy  pup that has the best chance to reach his or her full potential as a                                                                                                                                wonderful canine companion.


Our Puppy Preschool start dates (each Puppy Preschool runs for 4 weeks):

Future Puppy Preschool program times are to be announced.  Any questions in regards to ONLINE training or future classes please call the clinic on 93105222.


Leeming Family and Community Centre
Corner of Farrington Road and Aulberry Parade
It's opposite the carpark with Striker Indoor Fitness Centre on the other side. It is also near the big oval and skate park


What Do You Bring To Puppy Training?

Please bring your puppy's up-to-date vaccination certificate along with his or her lead or harness combination.  Your puppy will likely not be accustomed to their lead yet, but it is good to bring it along for some practice!  We supply training treats but if your puppy has any special dietary requirements, you're more than welcome to bring your own.


Class Price

The total cost of our four week puppy class is $85.00. This includes lots of treats, a show bag, your puppy's graduation certificate and much more.


Junior Classes

For puppies older than 16 weeks, we recommend Clever Creatures Training at Samson Park. For bookings call 9525 1553 or check out the website -  These classes are run in a lovely park environment, perfect for larger pups with heaps of energy!

Click here to contact us for more information about puppy classes in Winthrop.

If you would like more information on alternative venues and start dates please click here


Client Testimonials

Our clients enjoyed puppy classes so much, here's some of their reviews:


Stacey and Brenda are wonderful, awesome, bubbly and always friendly! Their knowledge, tips and tricks gained over the years of working with dogs big and small - made training our little "fur-baby" that much easier! Thanks girls had a great time.

- Ash and Marv


We can highly recommend the puppy classes! We have thoroughly enjoyed them! The Nurses did such do such a wonderful job with training our cheeky little puppies Thank you girls

- Claudia and Ebony


Thank you so much! Your classes were great fun and full of excellent training and health care tips. I think Theo will really miss you guys now, he had a ball at puppy school!


Excellent very caring and clearly passionate.


Very helpful and answered all questions asked. We were taught a lot which was very helpful as we have never owned a dog before.


Stacey and Chloe were both fantastic, definitely the right people to be training puppies and their owners. They will be missed dearly.